Weekend Certification in Film Direction and Making

Overview of Weekend Certification in Film Direction and Making

This course at Tent Cinema Film School  by Dr. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar helps understand the filmmaking process in its entirety.

The course gives an in-depth knowledge of all the aspects in creating a film from scratch; a comprehensive guide to pre-production, production and post-production processes, right from the basics of scriptwriting, cinematography, music, marketing, and distribution.


June 1st, 2024


4 months

9:30 am – 5:30 pm (Saturday & Sunday)


Tent Cinema Film School, Banashankari Stage-II, Bengaluru

Why should anyone attend this

This course is tailor-made for those who are wishing to make a short film, TV serials, web series or ad films. The course gives a complete picture of the entire film making process, right from the basics to the most intricate in a fun and engaging format that makes the entire journey of learning an interesting experience.

Here is why you need to take this up

  • The syllabus concentrates on a more hands-on approach rather than just theoretical.
  • The faculty is vastly experienced in the film industry making the teaching relevant.
  • Guest lectures from Industry Stalwarts and interaction to share real-life experiences.
  • A structured and time-tested approach to learning.
  • Scriptwriting: Sources for Story concepts, Script Format, Structure, Storyboarding, Screenplay, Dialogues.
  • Cinematography: Camera basics, Hands-on operation of 5D, Red Epic, Drone Cameras, Lighting, Frame composition.
  • Film Editing: Students can get only basics of video editing.
  • Pre-production: Scheduling, Planning, Hiring Equipment, Film Union Rules.
  • Production: Film Shoot, Art Direction, Makeup, Costumes, Editing Reports,
  • Music Direction: Basics of Music, Music Composition, Songwriting
  • Post Production: Editing, Dubbing, Visual Effects, Title Cards, Music, Color
  • Film Distribution and Marketing: Film Rights, Censor, Subsidy, Awards, Local and International Distribution, Various Marketing Channels, TV, Digital rights.
  • Short Movie Making: Hands-on work in Script development, Direction, Understanding Documentary Filmmaking structure, and objectives.
What to expect from Weekend Certification in Film Direction and Making
  • The course is made in a way that makes it fun and interactive, involving various group and individual exercises / activities that make it a wonderful experience of learning.
  • Additionally, the student gets a view of every aspect of film-making at all stages of the process; from Concept to the Film release.
  • The student can choose to continue a more detailed deep dive into the area of their interest after pursuing this course.
  • The course provides hands-on experience with assistance in scripting, directing and shooting a short movie as the final project.
  • Includes studio and shoot visits to inculcate a strong team culture that goes a long way in making the artist appreciate others in the industry.
  • Tent Cinema has a track record of 100% placement of all the students who complete this certification course into various roles in the Film Industry.

Film Directors, Script Writers, Cinematographers, Actors, Film Editors, Music Directors, Art Directors, Production Managers, Distributors and Marketing experts from the film industry take various sessions of this Weekend Certification in Film Direction and Making Course.

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