Script Writing Workshop

Overview of Scriptwriting Workshop

This course at Tent Cinema Film School by Dr. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar provides a framework for passionate story writers to get their stories into movies.

The story is an integral part of every cinema. Scriptwriting is that process that can bring a story that is abstract into a tangible script that converted into a movie. The course explores various aspects of the Grammar, Structure, Format, and Elements involved in a storyteller’s repertoire required to tell a convincing story to the audience.

This course gives them an opportunity to be trained by the best scriptwriters in the industry and bring out their creative side into Kannada Cinema.


June 11th – 16th, 2024


6 days


Tent Cinema Film School, Banashankari Stage-II, Bengaluru

Why should anyone attend this

This course from Tent Cinema is for every storyteller, to help them make a script from a story, with a deep dive into topics such as the source of a story, threading a narrative, building intensity with dialogue writing. This course provides all the tools to make a strong, innovative, fun, gripping story that can connect to the audience.

Here is why you need to take this up:

  • The syllabus concentrates mainly on the practical aspects of scriptwriting.
  • Faculty is vastly experienced in the film industry, making the course very realistic.
  • Guest lectures from industry stalwarts and student interaction, to share real-life experiences.
  • Structured and time tested approach to learning.
  • Each student would have developed a complete script for a short film by the end of the course
  • Story: Source of a story
  • Structure, Elements, Format
  • Story Board
  • Types of Narrative: Beginning, Conflict, and Conclusion, Continuity, Twists and Turns
  • Screenplay Format: Location, Aesthetics, Individual scenes
  • Basics of Dialogue Writing
  • Connecting to the audience
  • Humor
  • Demo and practical sessions on latest script writing software
What to expect from the Scriptwriting Workshop
  • The student will be able to get an abstract idea of a story into a tangible script that is complete and can be made into a film.
  • The course also provides them with exposure to the industry trends; both regional and global, including the knowledge of software for scriptwriting.
  • The student will able to work independently on all aspects of scriptwriting including screenplay format and dialogue writing.

This Scriptwriting Workshop will be taught by renowned directors and scriptwriters from the film industry.

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