Cinematography Workshop from Jul 22, 2023

Cinematography Workshop from Jul 22, 2023 at Tent Cinema Film School, Bangalore

Overview of Cinematography Workshop

This course at Tent Cinema Film School  by Dr Nagathihalli Chandashekhar explores the technicalities involved in the making of a film. Lights, camera, and action get transformed into frame compositions, lighting, lenses, focus and shots that add the final shape to the script at hand.


Jul 22 – Jul 27, 2023


6 days


Tent Cinema Film School, Banashankari Stage-II, Bengaluru

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Why should anyone attend this

The Cinematography Workshop gives a bird’s eye view of the entire film industry and all the nuances of the film-making process.

This course explores the process and the techniques of the trade and is the perfect platform to build one’s career as a cinematographer in the industry.

Here is why you need to take this up:

  • The syllabus concentrates mainly on practical aspects of cinematography, with hands-on work and various cameras.
  • Faculty is vastly experienced in the film industry, making the learning relevant.
  • Structured and time-proven approach to learning that is innovative, engaging and fun.


  • Basics of Camera
  • Camera settings, movements and techniques
  • Lighting for different moods
  • Lenses
  • Frame composition
  • Formats and Special effects
  • Aesthetics
  • Hands-on experience with Camera Equipment and accessories

What to expect from the Cinematography Workshop

  • As a student, one is well versed with all the technical knowledge and usage of the camera.
  • As a student one gets to experiment and work with state-of-the-art cameras including the 5D camera, Red Dragon, and the Drone camera.
  • The student also gets to learn about indoor, outdoor shoots including night shoots.
  • Understanding the value of team-work and the importance of every person in a film crew.
  • The students are given an opportunity to work as assistant cinematographers along with the senior cinematographers of the film industry to learn more on the job.


This Cinematography Workshop will be taught by renowned editors and directors from the film industry.

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