Lyrics Writing Workshop

Overview of Lyrics Writing Workshop

This course at Tent Cinema Film School by Dr. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar will help you write lyrics, analyze lyrics and improve your songwriting skills.

Writing lyrics is something you can learn. All you need to do is learn the basic lyric writing techniques, rhyming techniques and how to create structure. Learn how to write lyrics for songs and different music styles with this Lyrics Writing Workshop.


3 days


Tent Cinema Film School, Banashankari Stage-II, Bengaluru

Why should anyone attend this

This course will be suited for those looking to write lyrics for songs for Kannada films, web series and TV serials. And also ad jingles.

Here is why you need to take this up:

The faculty will bring their practical experience and expertise from the industry and train the students to develop the techniques and skills to write lyrics of their own.

  • Songwriting theory for lyrics
  • Song structure
  • Song theme and story
  • How to write a tune
  • How to understand the meter of a song 
  • Verse, Chorus, Bridge and more
  • Songwriting tips
  • Songwriting techniques
  • Rhyming theory
  • Rhyming examples, tips, and tricks
  • Many examples of short lyrics and lyrics writing
  • Practical sessions on composing a song by students
  • Practical tips on how to become a lyrics writer in the industry
What to expect from the Lyrics Writing Workshop

Many aspects of songwriting are covered and all essential subjects are included that will help you write good songs or even a top 10 song. 


Learn from popular Lyrics writers and Music Directors.