Children’s Weekend Acting Class from Jul 23, 2022

Children's Weekend Acting Class from Jul 23, 2022

Overview of Children’s Weekend Acting Class

This Weekend Acting at Tent Cinema Film School by Dr Nagathihalli Chandashekhar aims to teach children the Basics of Acting, Anchoring, Acting for Camera, Theatre games, Memory Game, Folk Dance and Dialogue delivery. It will end with a performance in a skit.

The camp will help these young minds to explore and express themselves in a joyful environment, learning the art of acting from experts from the film fraternity. They are exposed to their own culture, language, and art from our heritage.


July 23 onwards (Sat-Sun)


6 Months


Tent Cinema Film School, Banashankari Stage-II, Bengaluru

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Why should anyone attend this

Children aged 6 to 15 years.

Here is why you need to take this up:

  • This course will not only help them in developing their acting skills but also in improving their personality.
  • It will helps them to develop better focus, concentration, memory and imagination.
  • Kids can become more confident and overcome their stage fear and shyness.


  • Mono Acting
  • Kannada Session
  • Story Telling
  • Theatre Songs
  • Voice Modulation
  • Imagination
  • Imitation
  • Spot Improvisation
  • Observation
  • Story Building
  • Creative Writing
  • Acting on camera
  • Expressions on Emotions

What to expect from Children’s Weekend Class in Acting

At Tent Cinema, the entire learning process happens through games and other fun activities that will push the children to bring out their creative side. These games also help in improving their memory, focus, imagination, self- confidence and concentration levels,  that will support them in academics as well as later in life as well.
The final skit will be enacted professionally with music, dance, lights, costume, lights, set and properties specially designed for that theme.


Experienced Theatre and Film Artists

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