Frequently Asked Questions

What Courses does Tent Cinema offer?

Certification in Acing (Full-time)
Certification in Acting (Weekend)
Hero-Heroine Intensive Acting (Full-time)

Technical Courses:
Certification in Film Making & Direction (Full-time)
Certification in Film Making & Direction (Weekend)

Script Writing
Film Editing
Lyrics Writing

How do we apply for a course at Tent Cinema?

We would like you to visit our office or speak over the phone, get all the course details and then fill the application form by paying Rs. 100 and register first. Then pay the course fee digitally or by cheque /cash.

Does Tent Cinema offer Weekend or Full-time Courses?

We have both Weekend and Full day Acting courses for both Acting and Film-making/ Direction.

What are the timings of the classes at Tent Cinema?

Full-time courses are from 9.30 to 4.30 – Monday to Friday. Some Saturdays and Sundays there will be special classes. Certification courses are held on Saturdays 5-9 pm and Sundays 10-2 pm.

What are the fees for courses at Tent Cinema?

Yes, fees are payable for the courses at Tent Cinema.  

The classes are conducted by experienced faculty from the Film industry. We incur costs on course materials, the hiring of equipment, additional experts that are needed, based on the course. Library and drinking water are available for students.

For acting class students, we produce a professional play and the cost of that is covered in this course. Course fee also includes short films that we produce giving every student film shoot experience and also photo-shoot that we do, which helps to build students profile and can be shared in the auditions.

We also provide auditions opportunities, which is again covered in the fee.

What is the minimum qualification to apply for a course at Tent Cinema?

Minimum 10th standard (except for Children’s acting course).

Which language is the medium of instruction at Tent Cinema?

Mostly it will be in Kannada, and English is used in technical courses in addition to Kannada.

Will there be any Certification at the end of a course at Tent Cinema

Yes, all students who successfully complete the course will be given a certificate from Tent Cinema from a celebrity chief guest in an event.

Where exactly is Tent Cinema located in Bengaluru?

We are located in South Bangalore, Banashankari II Stage, close to BSK II Stage BDA Complex, and next to Corporation bank. It’s a busy locality well connected by buses, autos and has many eating joints close by.

How much is the practical training for the acting courses at Tent Cinema?

Our courses are predominantly practical oriented. Basic theory will be covered along with practical sessions. Our acting students will get the experience of acting in a street play, a professional play and short film. Every session has a practical approach to it – be it enacting a scene, emoting a dialogue, doing stunt and dance, learning Kalari, Yakshagana steps or facing the camera.

Is there any exam at the end of a course at Tent Cinema?

There is no examination.

Is there any prior experience required to join Tent Cinema?

Not necessary.

Will there be auditions and interviews for admission to Tent Cinema

For certain courses such as Hero-Heroine Intensive Acting and Certification in Film-making and Direction, auditions are conducted before admission.

What are the future prospects once students complete their course at Tent Cinema?

All students will be given audition opportunities in Films/TV Serials/Short films/Play.

We keep sending these audition opportunities every time we receive them to all students. Then it’s up to the Production team to choose the actors they need.

Many of our students are get roles in the industry. By doing this course, students will be better equipped to handle auditions, and with no camera fear.

Are there audition opportunities at Tent Cinema for Film and TV Serial roles?

Yes, we will send many audition opportunities to every student. In some cases, the Film crew does auditions specifically for our students at our premises.

Is there is any Transportation to and from Tent Cinema?

No, we do not provide transport. The area is well connected by buses and Metro.

Is there is any accommodation provided by Tent Cinema? 

We do not provide accommodation. There are many PGs nearby.

Are the courses at Tent Cinema as per the industry standards?

Yes. It’s based on current trends of the industry. All of our faculty are actively working in Films/TV/Theatre today.

Is there any loan or installment facility available for paying the course fees at Tent Cinema?

Please speak to our Admission Manager to get more details.

What equipment is available at Tent Cinema?

Yes, we will be providing cameras, tripods, lenses, lights and editing software for the practical sessions.

Is there an age limit for joining Tent Cinema?

Minimum age is 18 years and there is no upper age limit.

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