Dharmendra Urs – Actor, Director

Dharmendra is a senior and renowned artist in Kannada theatre, television and cinema.

He has acted in many TV serials including ‘Punya’, ‘Vataara’ Directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhara, ‘Naakuthanti’, ‘Thakadhimitha’, ‘Madarangi’ by B. Suresh, ‘Muktha’ by T.N. Seetharam etc.

He has been part of 25+ major TV serials and 15+ Kannada feature films: ‘Ishtakamya’, ‘Pailwan’ and ‘C/O Footpath-2’ being few mentions.  He has rich experience in theatre as actor, technician, and director.

Having done his Diploma in theatre acting from “Ninasam”, he had been part of famous ‘Neenasam’ and ‘Kinnara Mela’ Theater Repertory for over 5 years.

Shiva Kagawade - Actor, Director

Shiva Kagawade – Actor, Director

Shiva is a versatile actor, director holding 10+ years of experience in theatre.

He holds a M.A degree in Drama from the Bangalore University. He has been part of whopping 1000+ street plays. He has directed plays namely ‘Satyagraha’, ‘Sankranti’, ‘Hejjegalu’, ‘Achche Din’ and many more.

He has participated in the ‘National School Of Drama’s Workshops held in Imphal. Along with an acting career, he also worked with ‘Kasturi News 24’ for 2 long years as a journalist.

He has been actively part of many famous theater groups like – ‘Sanchaari’, ‘Mahaayaana’, ‘Samudaaya’, ‘Sanketha’ etc. He has acted in many films and TV Serials.

Adarsh H Eshwarappa

Adarsh H Eshwarappa – Director, Script Writer

Adarsh is a Mechanical engineer who worked in BPO industry. Following his dreams, his filmmaking journey began in 2006. He completed film making course from NYFA – Los Angeles.

He directed ‘Shuddhi’ Kannada Feature film which completed a 100 days run in theaters. The film also won ‘Karnataka State Film Awards’ for ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Director’ in the year 2017.

He has directed ‘Bhinna’ which is the first Kannada feature film to be released directly on OTT platform (ZEE). This film has won many awards in the film festivals. He is currently working on his next film project.

Shylashree Urs

S.D. Shylashree Urs – Actor, Singer

Shylashree Urs is a renowned artist in Sandalwood.

She has acted in 15+ Kannada TV serials aired in major channels. ‘Vataara’ Directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhara, ‘Naakuthanti’, ‘Thakadhimitha’, ‘Madarangi’ by B. Suresh, ‘Moodala Mane’, ‘Mutthina Thorana’ by Vaishali Kasaravalli , “Pancha Kajjaya’, ‘Sathya’ are few mentions.

She has also performed in many sandalwood movies like  ‘Bimba’,  ‘Mukha Mukhi’, ‘Mithayi Mane’, ‘Kwatle Satisha’, ‘Ishtakamya’ and national award-winning ‘Nanavanalla Avalu’. As a Theatre actor and singer, she has been part of more than 100 plays.

Nisha BR - Actor, Singer, Costume Designer

Nisha Yash Ram – Actor, Singer, Costume Designer

A talented young actress, holding diverse experience in the field of acting!

She has worked in 20+ dramas for teams like Sanchari, Mango Theatre & many more. She also acted in the Kannada feature film ‘ManNisha Yash Ram has worked in Kannada feature films – Manoroopa, Nangani B.com Pass, Secret, Wrong Date, Torchu, Bandook, Beegaroota.

She also holds theatrical experience with Sanchari Theatre, Mahayana Theatre, Kreative Theatre, Ranganiranthara, Vasp, and Sathvika.’.

N. Govinda Raj

N. Govinda Raj – Cinematographer/ DoP

Holding diploma in Cinematography, Govinda Raj started off his career being DOP of 6 documentary films, associate cameraman for 5 films.

He has worked for Kasturi Kannada regional channel as cameraman. He also has worked for MTV channel, and 6 Kannada feature films. He holds a rich experience in the cinematography field, be it movies, advertising or TV channels.

His love for teaching has drawn him to be guest lecturer in Manipal University, Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, SSCMS, AAT Media college and National academy for cinema and television.

Vinod J. Raj - Director, Cinematographer, Music Director

Vinod J. Raj – Director, Cinematographer, Music Director

Vinod is skilled in direction, cinematography, production, editing and background music.

He is a film maker with 15 + years of experience in media industry. He has worked in Ad films, Documentaries, Television shows, and feature films.

He has worked for channels like ZEE, MTV. He has worked for 80 movies and still counting. He is an all rounder skilled with direction, cinematography, production, editing and background music.

He has directed Kannada feature film Yashogeethe rated 4 stars by many critics and newspapers.

Udaya Kumar PS

Uday Kumar PS – Film Director and Editor

Udaya Kumar P S is a Kannada Film Director and Editor based in India, who started his career as an Editor, working with Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and Directed a movie Kaarmoda Saridu in the year 2019.  

His first directorial Karmoda Saridu received a mixed response from the audience and critics. He has also made several short films and also won many awards with regard to the same. Udaya Kumar started his career as an editor.

He worked under the state award winner Srikanth of Ugram & KGF fame. during his work with Srikanth he has worked in famous Kannada movies like, IshtakamyaIndia vs EnglandKhakii, Enendu hesaridali, Kaarmoda Saridu, Kirita, Vaasu pakka commercial. He has his own studio under the name of GStudio.

Vikram Sridhar – Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Vikram is an Indian film director, editor, writer, cinematographer and commercial ad maker predominantly working in the Kannada film industry and corporate world.

He is an all rounder, with 10+ years of experience in video production business. He has worked in most of the leading media houses in Bangalore. He has shot, edited, directed, color graded and added all necessary graphics to almost all his projects.

With his in depth knowledge in video production and expertise he has also worked as production workflow designer. He has worked with corporate giants like Harridan media, MG cinemas, YFM – educational wing of Balaji Telefilms, Public TV, Forsee Multimedia, Flipbook studio, Dell India, Accenture, Aditya Birla Minacs etc.

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